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Sap Contractor & Abap Contractor

Work undertaken
New Contracts
Any new contract is always of interest - to get in contact please either email, or feel free to call (07887) 747 250 from the uk or +44 7887 747 250 from any other country.
Umbrella company
Please click here to get details of my umbrella company that I work for as an Abap Contractor.
Sap Contracting & Abap Contracting
I started off as an Sap Consultant & Abap Consultant working for a couple of companies which sent me out on many projects. I then moved to a Sap Contractor & Abap Contractor, working directly for the end client.
Contract work
In contracts I don't just do the coding from a given spec (although a couple have been like that), I often have to analyse the requirement by talking to the functional person to find out exactly what they want and how they want it to work. I can then either advise them of a sap standard alternative which already exists, or start producing the development specification for either myself or for others to implement.
Training courses
I have been asked to do many courses on various subjects for the permanent staff to improve their knowledge, and I have also done lots of one-on-one training where I have taken people from all levels (including complete beginners) and created a bespoke training course to get their abap knowledge up to scratch. I have even recruited contractors where I reviewed the CVs, interviewed the candidates both technical and standard interviewing by myself and allocating work in a team leader role.

History of contracting
Starting out with Abap
I started in Abap in 1998 in a permanent role as an Abap Developer & Abap Programmer and was taught by contractors how to design and build great abap code. I spent 5 years in permanent roles expanding my knowledge, moved on to working as an Abap Consultant and really started to learn when I was working as an Abap Contractor on my own without support.
Contracts over the years
I have been working as an Abap Contractor since 2003 and have completed many successful contracts in that time. I have worked for one company in London on and off since 2003, they keep calling me back when they have a lot of work - it all started with a 2 week contract! My longest consecutive stay with a company was in the North where I was for over a year, it was originally a 3 month contract that was extended 5 times.
Job titles
There are a good few job titles that can be attached to the work I do. I've listed some of them below - clicking on the links will explain what each one means.

Body of knowledge
Online knowledge base
I have an online knowledge base where everything I have learnt is stored, this means that anything I have done before I can easily repeat without having to rely on my memory. This dramatically speeds up my work and ensures I'm always building on my knowledge.
Collection of function modules
I also have a body of work stored as function modules, using these means that my work is completed far faster and with more features. These function modules range from automatically writing code, automatic ALV creation, progress bars, bom explosions, tree displays, CSV file handling, file handling, file management, transport management, variant management, unix file requester and many more. I started this when working as an Abap consultant in 2000.
Sap on home computer
I have SAP on my home computer which has enabled me to develop these function modules and to polish my abap programming knowledge.

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