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Artwork Page

Website icons
Latest work
The best and most recent artwork has been in the design and completion of several websites. More artwork will be done now those websites have been complete, they have taken up most of the last 7 years of spare time and represent the best of the latest work. A few icons are shared between sites, there's no point re-drawing the same icon.
This website  (2007)
Uncle Bill  (2006)
Chill out  (2005)
Hydrodate  (2004)

Workbench icons
Icon sets
These are two icon sets I did for the Workbench operating system. These icons are very dated now and were also limited to a small number of colours.
Artist icons  (2000)
A complete set of 64 colour icons. Move the mouse over each icon to see the selected state.
Ash icons  (1999)
A set of NewIcons which fit in to the standard 32 colour palette. These were released on a cover CD of a magazine.

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