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Ash Thomas
  Age 32
  Born: 1977
  Living in: Uxbridge, Middlesex
  Interests: Artwork, poker, cooking
  Work: Abap Contractor
The latest CV in various formats, details about my Abap Consulting & Abap Contracting work with the Abap workbench in netweaver, my skills (not just as an Abap Specialist), current and old projects and all my contact details.
Here is a photo gallery with photos of me, friends & family, samples of my artwork, some humour and links to other useful websites.
Sap Abap Consultant, Contractor, Developer & Programmer
Abap history
Sap Abap Consultant & Sap Abap Contractor since 1998, multiple modules, all versions of Sap. I started Abap in a permanent role as an abap developer & abap programmer, I then moved into consulting and now I do contracting as a Sap Abap expert. To download my CV please click on 'Download CV' at the top right of the website.
Contract details
Please feel free to contact me regarding a sap abap contract. I can be contacted via email by clicking on the email icon at the top right of this page.
Site design
Art & Code
All artwork (except logos), design, HTML & CSS was done by myself, this site was designed to showcase my artwork abilities.
More artwork
To see more drawings please click on the 'Artwork' icon above. I have other skills which are in the 'skills' section of this site, simply click on the icon above.

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