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Bill Seagoe
Bill Seagoe Bryden 'Bill' Seagoe, the great uncle of Ash Thomas, was killed in a daring raid during the second world war. Bill, and countless others, bravely gave their lives for our freedom against a nefarious regime. They fought and died for the freedom the people of this country enjoy (and take for granted) today.

Ron Hedges, who fought alongside Bill, asked Ash to never forget their sacrifice, this project was to build a website from scratch to honour his wish.

This site is in tribute to his bravery and to ensure he is remembered, as he once asked in a poem.

Hydrodate This project was to build a speed dating company from scratch. The site was designed and built by Ash Thomas and Tushar Joshi, Tushar did the back end of the webpage (subscription, payment and matching) Ash did the front end design and the promotional work. The speed dating company worked for many years, there were articles in newspapers, magazines (FHM) and a primetime 30 second clip about Hydrodate on the BBC. Since then it has moved into online dating, with the focus in this area.

Ash Thomas
Ash Thomas The need came to update the main website, and it was decided to use it to showcase design and artwork skills. The site was done over a period of a few months whilst also doing a full time job.

There are plenty of icons, graduate fades and other effects to showcase the artwork, CSS is used alongside HTML to generate the layout.

Ash People
Ash People It has always been an ambition of mine to start my own consultancy company. After doing this website I realised it took at least a year for a site to be well recognised by search engines. It also takes a good year to promote a site so it appears in the top few results.

Since learning this I realised that if I did a website for my consultancy now, it would be all ready by the time I started it up. I downloaded a template and started working on a new site. Only the logo, company name, all of the text and a small amount of the layout were done by me, the rest was bought.

Ash PCs
Ash PCs I have done PC fixing for many years and decided to set up this website to promote this work. I cover software & hardware fixes as well as education to help people get the most out of their computers, the site will help to re-launch the business as work I can do in between sap abap contracts.

The template was bought, the logo & text were done by me and some of the images were modified to fit in with the website.

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