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Skills Page

Sap Abap programming
Abap history
My main skill is Abap Programming & Development which I have been doing since 1998. During that time I have progressed to Abap Contracting with a vast amount of experience, many function modules which solve difficult problems and an on-line knowledge base that prevents me from re-inventing the wheel.
Abap Consulting & Abap Contracting
I am always interested in new Abap contracts, I would prefer to work around the London, middlesex, Surrey area - or anywhere an hours drive from Heathrow. Click here to find out more about my Abap contracting work.

Web design
I have worked with websites since 1998 and have designed and built many sites for companies and for some of my personal projects. I do all the artwork, HTML and CSS myself without using any web design tools which gives me complete control of the look and feel of the web page.
Complete websites
This site should showcase my skills in design for websites, for other examples please click here, or on the 'Projects' link in the 'Professional' section.

C, C++ and C#
Flavours of C
I have experience of all of the C languages, at the moment I am using C# to try to extend my skills set. I have written many programs to showcase my abilities, some of which can be seen on these pages.
Choice of compiler
I use the Visual Studio 2005 compiler and only write programs for Windows XP and Vista. I have done work for other platforms, but this remains my compiler of choice.

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